Global Digital Citizen

Today we live in a truly global culture. We’re a community of billions, and everyone has a part to play. Learn the ways of the true Global Digital Citizen—how to be responsible, ethical, compassionate, and just.


This citizen is conscientious, respectful, and compassionate—an individual who strives to establish a sense of global community in all their online and offline relationships, duties, and endeavours.

The Global Digital Citizen is defined by 5 unique tenets.

personal-responsibilityPERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

This is about shifting the responsibility for learning to the student, and developing a sense of accountability for lifelong learning. It includes demonstrating how one governs oneself in matters of finance, ethical and moral boundaries, personal health and fitness, and all relationships.

global-citizenshipGLOBAL CITIZENSHIP

We are all global citizens. Global Citizenship involves recognizing and respecting how modern technology and digital media have eliminated boundaries between citizens of the world by enabling communication, collaboration, dialogue, and debate across all levels of society.

digital-citizenshipDIGITAL CITIZENSHIP

This means engaging in appropriate and exemplary behaviour in an online environment. The essence of Digital Citizenship is about a shifting of accountability for appropriate behaviour to our students, which fosters independence and personal responsibility.

altruistic-serviceALTRUISTIC SERVICE

This aspect focuses on a healthy concern for the well-being of the people with whom we share our world. It includes embracing the opportunity to exercise charity and goodwill for the benefit of others. This creates relevance and meaningful connections to the real world for our students.

environmental-stewardshipENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP

This is a demonstration of common-sense values, and an appreciation for the beauty and majesty that surrounds us every day. It encourages us to explore how to make use of Earth’s resources—taking responsibility and action on personal, local, regional, national, and international levels.

Global Digital Citizen Quickstart Skills Guide

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