Creativity Fluency

Creativity adds meaning to every product and organization using innovative design, visual appeal, and storytelling. The arts are no longer ornamental—they’re fundamental. There’s creativity deep within all of us, and Creativity Fluency helps you make it shine.


Creativity Fluency is the process by which artistic proficiency adds meaning through design, art, and storytelling. It is about using innovative design to add value to the function of a product though the form.

The process of Creativity Fluency is defined by the 5Is.


This involves distinguishing the elements and the criteria of the desired outcome. It’s about figuring out what you need to create and what limitations or restrictions you face.


In this next stage, the adventure begins by stimulating your creativity with rich sensory input. This involves any action, encounter, or lively conversation that fires your imagination.


Interpolate means to find a structured pattern within known information. This is all about “connecting the dots” in the search for clear patterns and higher level abstractions within the sensory input.


This is the ultimate synthesis between the previous stages of Inspire and Interpolate. The unification of these stages results in the birth of your idea—your “Aha!” moment.


With our new creative idea now a reality, we ask ourselves questions about the effectiveness and feasibility of the new idea, and if it can be accomplished within an existing timeframe and budget.

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