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Visually Exploring the Common Core Standards

I’m playing with the Common Core Standards in attempt to try and find ways to represent those standards which relate to technology to the rest of the standards as a whole. My ultimate goal is to try and find a way to emphasize the presence and requirement of student use of technological tools and methods of communication within the Common Core, without trying to isolate them as yet another “add on”.

I’m not sure if this visualization is helping. In the interest of full disclosure, the top image is a collection of high frequency words from any and all language in the Common Core documents with the term “technology”. The bottom image a collection of high frequency words from all of the language from both the ELA, History, Science, and Technical Subjects Standards and the Math Standards. In fairness I removed the words “student(s), number(s), standard(s), and e.g.” from both sets of words as they were very high frequency words with little impact on the comparison. I also removed the word “technology” from the top image so it wouldn’t stick out so much.

Am I missing something that I haven’t already highlighted, or am I manipulating this data too much to the point of uselessness?

Via The Tech-Savvy Educator

This article appeared on the Tech-Savvy Educator on January 11 2012 and was written by Ben Rimes.Critical Thinking Companion