NOW READING: This Just In: Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates!

This Just In: Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates!

Ever since we launched the Solution Fluency Activity Planner a few months back, the response to it has been inspiring. We love that you love using it for your inquiry- and PBL planning. For those of  you who haven't experienced it yet, please do check it out right here.

All that said, we are striving to constantly improve the user experience by updating and refining the Planner's features and adding new ones all the time. This article is meant to let you in on the latest changes we've made to make the interface that much better.

What's New?

Solution Fluency/Information Fluency Unit Templates: Probably one of the most significant updates to the Solution Fluency Activity Planner is that you now have the choice of selecting which template you want to start with when you create a new plan. Choose Solution Fluency (for project-based learning) or Information Fluency (for inquiry). You can also choose a blank template and build your own.


The system will automatically create activities for you based on your template of choice. And don't worry—if you delete all your activities, you can always pick another template.

Discover: When searching for plans and users, the Public Plans link has been replaced with Discover in the header. Plans are searchable by first name, last name, grade, and subject (if you have any plans concerning that grade or subject, they will show up in the search).


Printing: You can now print a copy of your plan.

Student Sharing Link: This is a cool new feature available in the "hamburger button" drop-down menu, inside a plan. This gives you a public, read-only shareable link to your plan. Viewers don't need to log in to see the plan using the link.


Whoever views your plan will not see Evidence of Learning (rubrics/activities), or the Reflection or Chatterbox/Comments with this link. If you are logged in and are viewing this public plan, a hamburger button will also appear with a link to the full plan.

Enhanced Profile Page: You've got two different feeds on your activities now: the Newsfeed, and My Timeline.


The activity feeds on your Profile Page will now indicate if the people you follow create a new plan, follow someone else, love a new plan, make a comment or ask a question. You can also see suggested users to follow, and any comment you make on any plan now shows up in your activity feed.

Deleting Plans: In order to delete a plan, you can now access a "delete" link from hamburger button menu inside the plan. It gives you a pop-up window with a prompt. You then just type 'DELETE' into the prompt to confirm.


Learning Together, Learning Forever

We hope you enjoy the new features on the Solution Fluency Activity Planner as you continue to make it part of your inquiry- and PBL planning.

As both the Planner and the content provided by our amazing user community continues to evolve, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and getting your feedback on the experience. It's because of you that we continue to grow and learn, and the Solution Fluency Activity Planner is a place we can all make that happen together.