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The Teacher’s Guide To Choosing The Best Digital Content

via Edudemic

A blended learning environment means you’re mixing technology with standard teaching practices in order to enhance education. In other words, you’re mixing a little bit of tech with a little bit of in-classroom learning and you’re getting something better than the sum of its parts.

Blended learning is becoming the biggest trend in education technology lately as teachers (hey that’s you!) realize technology isn’t the magical unicorn of education. It’s not enough to simply throw an iPad into a student’s hands and walk away.

So if you’re integrating technology into your classroom (whatever stage you’re currently at is fine) then this visual step-by-step guide is your friend. It’s obvious the team at Education Elements spent a great deal of time thinking out the infographic, designing it, and making it as useful as possible. I personally like the step-by-step approach they took and think it’s a great chart for any teacher who needs a little backup when trying to make some important edtech decisions.

Looking for a printable PDF version of the chart? I went ahead and converted it for you so you can print it out and keep it in your desk / on your desk / on your bulletin board / stapled to your forehead.