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The Profound Impact of a Teacher

Back to school pictures flood Facebook as another school year begins. Whether you are fresh out of school, your oldest is entering Kindergarten or youngest is graduating this year, think about those teachers who shaped your life.

Walking through the halls of my elementary school this week brought back some memories, the good and the bad. It was weird being back, the sterile smell of the school triggered memories of my time spent in elementary, middle and high school.

As I begin my second year of college, I am so thankful to the mentors I've had throughout my years in school.

I was visiting my former elementary school with my brothers to meet their teachers. They have no clue right now the profound impact these teachers will have on them.

I learned life's most valuable skills and was shaped by the educators who decided to use their life to inspire others. Education is a profession I so highly respect. There is not much money in it. In fact, teachers often have to spend their own money to buy books or classroom supplies to provide a more meaningful education.

Maybe it is the reward of seeing their students flourish that keeps them educating? I am not really sure. Regardless, I think it is important, as we approach back to school time, that we thank our educators for the work they do.

The foundation of this country is built on education. Through the classroom teachers inspire and engage lifelong learners.

For a second, put away the politics of education. Ignore the issues of Common Core, pensions and money. Now, take a moment and think about the positive touch a teacher made on your life.

My favorite scene of The West Wing is when a White House aide calls her former teacher from the Oval Office to thank her.

While it is a simple gesture, I encourage you to thank a former teacher. Send a quick email or better yet a handwritten note. Tell them where you are and how they shaped your life. I think that simple message can go a long way.

Every teacher leaves an impact on a child's life, recognizing that impact may just help that teacher begin the next school year more fulfilled.

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This article appeared on Huffington Post on August 19 2014 and was written by Michael Geheren.

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