NOW READING: How You Could Be Spending Two Extra Hours in a Day [Infographic]

How You Could Be Spending Two Extra Hours in a Day [Infographic]

If you had them to spare, how would you consider spending two extra hours in a day?

Most of us nowadays can only dream of wrangling any kind of spare time once the tasks of the day are done. This is especially true of the teaching profession, where time is always at a premium. In most cases, that extra time we do have is usually spent falling down YouTube rabbit holes or watching Netflix. But put all that aside for just a moment, and dream.

Imagine that the luxury of spending two extra hours a day became a reality for you, and you were faced with possibilities galore. What could you do aside from the aforementioned passive screen-oriented consumption? What would be your ideal way of spending two extra hours on something amazing? If you're stuck, this infographic from Domo called What You Could Do With An Extra Two Hours has some ideas.

Here you've got 12 things you can consider doing to make spending two extra hours of your day more than worth the while. Granted, a few of these items take a considerable investment of time beyond 120 extra minutes. However, the idea here is to consider spending that time to at least get a start on what could potentially become a great thing. As Lao Tzu wisely instructed, it all begins with taking that one single step you may not have considered taking before.

If you look closely, you'll notice the majority of these suggestions are the fun kinds of things we often take for granted nowadays. To some they may seem old-fashioned, and perhaps even a bit "nerdy." And maybe that's the point—in a highly digitized and screen-oriented world, an occasional return to the basics might be exactly what we need.

It's your two hours—you be the judge.

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