NOW READING: Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: Streamlining and More!

Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: Streamlining and More!

We're working harder than ever to make the Solution Fluency Activity Planner the best tool it can be for your lesson-planning needs. Part of today's planner updates includes a bit of streamlining. Our users have offered some popular suggestions and we've run with them to make your experience easier.

The most recent updates for the Activity Planner are below. As always, we love to hear your ideas on how we can improve so keep them coming!

General Updates

First, we have a bug fix for you. Users are now able to resend an email verification link to themselves, without receiving an error.

Discover Page

Users on a free plan are able to search for users, but are unable to search for or view plans or rubrics unless they are on a Teacher Basic plan or above.

Unit Plan Changes

One thing that you'll notice is the Overview page has been removed. We did this to keep things nice and compact. So your Challenge and Overview sections are now merged together. You're still able to add media such as links and videos just like you've always done.

The Challenge now appears as front page of every plan. The High Tech, Low Tech and No Tech sections have also been removed. But don't worry—if you're looking for them, any pre-existing Hi/Lo/No Tech sections have been saved in the Resources section of your plan as notes.

BC Curriculum and Competencies

We now have the BC curriculum in our Activity Planner! You can now have custom level rubrics attached to competencies (for new BC curriculum).

Users have the option to 'Add Assessment' to their unit plan, if a competency has an attached assessment (just like how rubric components can be added to a plan's 'Competency Rubric.')

We'll keep you in the loop as we continue to make improvements and adjustments. Happy planning!