NOW READING: Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: Collections and Rubrics

Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: Collections and Rubrics

Ever since we launched the Solution Fluency Activity Planner, the response to it has been inspiring. To all our users, thank you for climbing on board with us—we're glad you're here! For those of  you who haven't experienced the Activity Planner yet, you can check it out right here.

We are constantly improving the user experience by updating and refining the Planner's features and adding new ones all the time. Today we've got two brand new goodies to brief you on. Please follow the links to each article in our Help Center for a full rundown of these awesome new features!

Collections Feature

Collections is a curriculum mapping tool that lets you compare any collection of unit plans against any collection of curricular objectives. You can organize a whole group of standards in a subject, a group of specific standards, or a group of cross-curricular standards to match with a group of plans that you’ve collected and plan to teach.


Currently the Collections feature is designed to work using only plans that you’ve created, or that you’ve favourited or LOVED, and that appear on your My Plans page. You can access the Collections tab from your Profile Page, or from the top navigation bar in any page of the Activity Planner. The full article (link below) will take you through these Collections features:

  • Building New Collections
  • Adding Curriculum
  • Finding Relevant Plans
  • Sequencing Feature

Check out the full article here

Enhanced Rubrics Feature

Our enhanced rubric features now let you create multiple rubrics in a unit plan. You also have the ability to create/favourite/search for rubrics like you can with unit plans. Favourited rubrics will appear in a new My Favourite Rubrics page.


With the new rubrics features, you can do the following:

  • Develop a database of your own rubrics
  • Create a collection of rubrics you've favourited or "loved"
  • Choose custom titles for collected rubrics for easy access
  • Create rubrics right from your Profile Page
  • Develop multiple rubrics for a unit plan
  • Copy rubrics you've written

Check out the full article here