NOW READING: Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: Collaborative Features

Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: Collaborative Features

Ever since we launched the Solution Fluency Activity Planner, the response to it has been inspiring. To all our users, thank you for climbing on board with us. We’re glad you’re here! For those of  you who haven’t experienced the Activity Planner yet, you can check it out right here.

We are constantly improving the user experience by updating and refining the Planner’s features and adding new ones all the time. Today, we're showcasing some collaborative features we've added recently.

New Collaborative Features

When co-authoring a plan, only one user could access a plan at a time. Not anymore! One of the new collaborative features we've added is a page-lock system. This allows co-authors to edit different pages of the same plan at the same time!

We'll start by looking at how to add a co-author to a unit plan. In the Summary page of a plan, click on Add/Edit Co-Authors below the Title.


Search for the user's name by typing it into the blank in the drop-down menu.


Click on the user's name, and then click on the Add button beside them. You'll then see them appear beside you in the Summary page.


When one user is in a plan on any specific page, that page is locked. If a second author arrives on that page, they will get a warning that the page is unavailable for editing.


When the first user navigates to another page, it will lock the new page and make the other one available for editing. If they do not move to a different page, but instead just leave the plan, the page will remain time-locked for 5 min. The page will also unlock after 5 minutes, if you haven’t saved anything or refreshed the page within that time.

You can experience this new feature for yourself right now! Visit the Solution Fluency Activity Planner to get started collaborating with your fellow teachers.