NOW READING: Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: Simplicity Itself

Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: Simplicity Itself

When it comes to the tools used by busy teachers, simple is best. The GDCF's own Solution Fluency Activity Planner is no exception. So in this round of Activity Planner updates we're happy to announce that we're continuing to take that philosophy to heart. Simple works, and we want it to work for you.

The New Dashboard

The complicated Dashboard is now gone. All navigation has been updated to make getting around more convenient. Everything you need is all on this page. sfap-new-profile-page

Newest Activity Planner Updates

Let's start with a look at the top navigation bar in white.

  • Search—This is the new name for what was previously the Discover page.
  • Premium—This tab takes you to the premium lesson plans written by the GDCF Ninjas (more on that below).
  • Help—Our Help section full of articles on how to use the Activity Planner.
  • Home—Your Home tab that returns you to the main Profile page.
  • Notification Bell—This is the bell icon that turns red when you are notified of a like or a comment from another user.
  • Your Picture icon—This offers a drop-down menu with secondary access to all the features the Planner has to offer.

sfap-drop-down-nav Now let's look at the blue navigation features above the timeline:

  • Home icon—This is the tab that lets you know you're on your home Profile page.
  • My School—The portal to your school's profile page where you can communicate and collaborate with colleagues on a school or district paid plan.
  • Plans—Your plans page (with "loved" plans).
  • Rubrics—Your rubrics page (with "loved" rubrics).
  • Follows—Who you're following and who's following you.
  • Premium—This tab takes you to the premium lesson plans written by the GDCF Ninjas (more on that below).
  • Post—Whatever you type in and enter in this window will appear as a comment on your timeline (you can add video, images, docs, and Web links also).
  • New Plan—The tab for creating a brand new unit plan, automatically saved to your Plans page.


  • New Rubric—The tab for creating a brand new rubric, automatically saved to your Rubrics page.


  • Timeline—The news feed that keeps you informed on all your and your friends' Planner activities (view it using All, Planning, Posts, or Follows view).

All-New Premium Content

The GDCF Ninjas are working hard on crafting and revising lesson plans for your use, all of which now reside under the Premium tab. We're offering three free Demo Premium plans for free users to access to begin with, and the chance to view them all with a simple and affordable plan upgrade. Below are the details for each plan offering great features at a great price.

Free Plan

  • Create Lessons
  • Create Rubrics
  • Attach Resources

Upgrade NOW!

Teacher Basic Plan

Includes ALL the features of the Free plan, PLUS:
  • Find and Follow Friends and Colleagues
  • Add Custom Curricular Objectives
  • Make a Copy and Edit Public Plans
  • Print Plans
  • View and Bookmark over 20,000 Plans and Rubrics
  • Connect to Curriculum Standards

Upgrade NOW!

Teacher Professional Plan

Includes ALL features of the Teacher Basic plan, PLUS:
  • Access Hundreds of Premium Plans written by Our Team
  • Add Co-Authors for Real-Time Collaboration
  • Publish a Public Link for Student Access

We hope you enjoy the new look of the Solution Fluency Activity planner updates. Your feedback is valuable and provides the benchmark for how we improve and grow to serve you better. Let us know what you think—happy planning!