NOW READING: The Social Media Teacher: Do This, Not That [Infographic]

The Social Media Teacher: Do This, Not That [Infographic]

Meet the social media teacher. It's a teacher who not only teaches with but also learns with social media. They use it for delivering engaging lessons. It connects them with fellow professionals. It serves as a platform for sharing meaningful thoughts, views, and opinions. In short, it enhances rather than hinders them.

The social media teacher is connected to the world and their students on a level that matters in education. With so much teaching and learning done online, it's a strong place to be to make a difference. It's also a place where things can go very wrong if the tools aren't respected.

Some Social Media Teacher Do's and Don'ts

Like everything else in life, social media usage requires balance. This is especially true for teachers. A solid understanding of digital citizenship guidelines is important. So is a need to know when not to use social media in favour of other connective methods. There are do's and don'ts for any social media teacher. To help you with them, here's a handy infographic from Daily Genius.

With so many teachers (millions) using social media today, it's good to know rules to stay safe. These are lessons you can easily impart to your students as well. You'll find they can translate as much to student life in and beyond school.


Are you already using social media in your classroom? What are your experiences with it? What advice can you share with teachers like you?