NOW READING: Solution Fluency Planner Updates: Welcome Home!

Solution Fluency Planner Updates: Welcome Home!

If you're part of the exciting global community on our Solution Fluency Activity Planner, you may have had a bit of a surprise when you logged in recently. Namely, your profile page looks waaaay different.

Our users have reached out to us in appreciation for the social nature of the planner. They've also suggested how we could improve it. The result is the brand new planner home page that brings all your most important info under one roof.

Here's an overview of the new planner Home page and how it works.

New Planner Home Page: Features


You access your new planner home page by clicking "Home" in the header. This page is kind of like your dashboard/launchpad to promote and handle building new things and interacting with others. No one else sees this page except you.

In the left column you'll see:

  • User snapshot: Avatar and cover photo (clicking on avatar links to your profile page).
  • Stats blocks: Your stats/quick links (shows how many plans/rubrics/favs etc. you have). Clicking on a stat links to that section in your profile.
  • My School: If you are part of a paid school, this will show up. It's a link to your school page.
  • Who to Follow: Suggestions for who to follow show up here now instead of in your profile. Toggle left and right using the arrows provided to find people.
  • Hottest plans: A list of suggested plans to view.

In the right column you'll see:

  • User actions: New Post/New Plan/New Rubric can be built through your homepage. There are required fields for each section (i.e. title, subject) which are indicated with *.
  • Newsfeed filters: We cover more on that below in the General Activity Feeds.
  • Newsfeed: A list of all activities that people you follow have done is now here instead of in the user profile.

Let's look at some other updates and changes we've made below to make your experience with the Solution Fluency Activity Planner more enjoyable and user-friendly.

General Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is filterable by user timeline, homepage newsfeed, school timeline, school admin user timelines, etc. Filters appear just above activity feed. Activities can now be filtered by:

  • Comments
  • Planning (anything to do with creating/updating plans/rubrics/collections)
  • Posts
  • Follows/favourites

General Page Header

  • Notifications: If you have notifications, the notification bell turns red and the number of notifications appears inside the bell (no more red box). If you have more than 9 notifications, the red bell will pulse and there will be an '!' instead of a number.
  • Create Dropdown: The 'Create' dropdown has been removed from the header. It has been replaced by the option to create a New Plan and a New Rubric. They now display a form to fill, instead of automatically creating a blank plan/rubric/collection.

We look forward to continuing to refine the planner according to your suggestions. We're striving to make it better and better all the time. It's the least we can do for you being part of our community. Now get in there and get making a difference in your classroom!