NOW READING: Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: The Latest & Greatest

Solution Fluency Activity Planner Updates: The Latest & Greatest

Hi friends! As you know, we are always refining and streamlining the Solution Fluency Activity Planner to give you the best user experience possible. When we do our Planner updates, they are most often taken from user requests. As the community grows, so does our awareness of how the tool is being used. So we'll always do our best to bring you Planner updates that make using it easier and more intuitive.

With that, here are the latest Planner updates we've recently made. As always, keep your feedback and suggestions coming. We are honoured that you're part of our growing Planner family. Keep up the great planning!

Challenge page—The Challenge page of each unit now mirrors the Summary page. it's a cleaner look that works the same as the Summary page, but with the addition of new media features (which we'll explain a bit more below.)


Autosave—Your work is now automatically saved half a second after you finish typing. There's no longer any need to click Save whenever you add something to a plan or make a change. As such, you'll notice the Save/Cancel buttons no longer appear anywhere.

Adding media—Images and videos can now be incorporated into your plans with a new feature. This feature is only on the Challenge page. You can upload images and embed Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram links. This is done by clicking the round X button on the left-hand side of the text area. The button shows up when you press 'ENTER' and start a new line.


Other Planner Updates and Revisions

Coaching is now done through our Zopim online chat window. Just look for the little Ninja in the bottom right-hand corner of any part of the planner. (If we're not in, just leave us a message—we'll get back to you soon.) If you're commenting on a unit plan, though, please continue to use the Chatterbox.


Removed ability to highlight referred text from comments—Because you can no longer make comments from the toolbar, comments don't have any text references to the unit plan. That is to say, a comment will no longer show " ... " to the left of it in the Chatterbox. This also means that the text in the plan is no longer highlighted when you click the comment.

Stay tuned for more Planner updates as they happen, and let us know what you think of the new changes. Happy planning!