NOW READING: Periodic Table of the Figures of Speech [Infographic]

Periodic Table of the Figures of Speech [Infographic]

"Looking for ways to become a better writer? Learn the figures of speech--the schemes and tropes of sentence and word construction--and you'll be on your way to being amazing." Click to tweet


Figures of speech—everyone uses them and every writer loves them. They are, as Curtis Newbold says, the "fantastic little quirks in our language that make writing interesting." That's why Curtis produced the wonderful chart below that ELA teachers will love. It's both quirky and interesting. This is the Periodic Table of the Figures of Speech infographic.

It's a quick reference guide for figures of speech, tropes, schemes, and more. Every coloured block is coded with a number that matches to a corresponding definition below. It's the perfect learning tool for any ESL or language arts classroom. Budding writers will also find it useful as they explore using language better in their literary projects.

Enjoy this terrific figures of speech infographic from Curtis Newbold. Click on the image to get a much larger version of the graphic. Don't forget to share it with friends and colleagues too. Great job, Curtis!