NOW READING: Planner Updates: A Great New Way to Enjoy the GDCF Resources

Planner Updates: A Great New Way to Enjoy the GDCF Resources

Here at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation, we love designing practical and info-packed tools for all you hard-working teachers out there. Over the last few years, we've had great fun creating GDCF resources for everything from color theory and Twitter tips to full-on Fluency development and more. The response has been amazing and we couldn't be happier.

So in the spirit of continuing collaboration, we decided to go one step further. We're thrilled to tell you all about the brand new Resources page featured on the Solution Fluency Activity Planner. There are also two brand new Fluency-based resources we know you'll love. Let's talk more about it below.

Getting to know the GDCF Resources Page

Accessing the new GDCF Resources page on the Activity Planner is simple. When you log in to your Planner account, you'll see a new option on your toolbar that says Resources. Click on it and you'll be on the main Resources page.


Click on any of the resources to learn more about them and download them. This new GDCF resources page is expanding with new items all the time. Check back frequently to see what's new.


Look at all the cool stuff you can download. Most of them are free, and a few are premium resources that are available with a subscription to a Teacher Professional account. You can tell these from the rest because they're marked with a gold star in the top corner.


Companions You Can Count On

The premium resources we have available right now are something special. As we work to make the Essential Fluencies part of global classrooms, we realize that teachers need practical tools to help bring these concepts to their students, as well as assess them effectively. So we've expanded on the original Fluency QuickStart Guides and created powerful new guides we call the Teacher's Companions.

The first two books in the companion series cover Solution Fluency and Information Fluency—perfect for the PBL and inquiry learning units you're building on the Activity Planner.


The Fluency Teacher's Companions are info-packed guides designed to help you gain a better understanding of the Essential Fluencies and how they work. They're full of tips and tools to help you utilize, communicate, and facilitate the Essential Fluencies in your classroom environments within the context of the required curriculum.

The Teacher's Companion guides include great tools such as:

  • A Fluency Skills Perspective
  • A Fluency Snapshot tool for quick assessment
  • 6 exciting project-based learning scenarios
  • A full rubric framework for assessing the Fluencies
  • Resources for understanding and instruction

You can get the Solution Fluency Teacher's Companion and the Information Fluency Teacher's Companion with a simple and inexpensive upgrade to a Teacher Professional account on the Activity Planner. It's easy, and here's how you do it.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new GDCF resources section on the Solution Fluency Activity Planner. Keep an eye out for new resources as we create them for you. Happy Learning!