NOW READING: Get Free Digital Tools for Teachers Vol. 2

Get Free Digital Tools for Teachers Vol. 2

Continue your fun-filled learning journey with the second book in the free tools series from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation. Check out Digital Tools for Teachers: Writing/Blogging/Websites—all yours for FREE!

When it comes to free digital tools, how do you find the best of the best, and use them in your classroom? Good question—that's why the gang here at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation created the Digital Tools for Teachers seriesWe love to learn and help others learn, too!

Get ready to dive into a whole new set of tools that will take your writing and blogging to new heights. Introducing the second volume in our series offering great free tools for teachers—Digital Tools for Teachers: Writing/Blogging/Websites. Download it now for FREE!

This new ebook volume features some of the finest free digital tools for digital storytelling, creative writing, blogging, and creating websites. Explore each one and see which are your favourites, and which ones will fit best with your students.


  • Explore tools like StoryBird, ZooBurst, and Puppet Pals to learn how to build visually stunning digital tales of all kinds
  • Use Protagonize, Hemingway, and The Brainstormer to help you create your best writing projects yet
  • Build entertaining blogs and create stunning websites using the best tools of the trade like WordPressWeebly, and Silvrback

They're all there, plus many more, and they're waiting for you and your kids to get creative with! Download Digital Tools for Teachers: Writing/Blogging/Websites now for free, and make your stories, blogs, and websites into something truly amazing!