NOW READING: A List of New GDCF Success Stories With Inspiring Fluency Teachers

A List of New GDCF Success Stories With Inspiring Fluency Teachers

In our work all over the world, we've made friends with a lot of teachers who've done some incredible things with the Essential Fluencies. They're called our GDCF Success Stories, and we're proud to have them available for viewing. Each one tells a story of a teacher or group of teachers who made a difference in their classrooms, and in their students' lives, teaching with the Fluencies.

We've shared many of these inspiring stories already, and we're proud to announce the list is growing. Here are some brand new GDCF success stories for you to explore.

Alfie the Alien Lands at Parap Primary School

Parap-study-2-CTAWhen “Alfie the Alien” landed at Parap Primary School, he wanted to learn about family. Sue Bishop’s Year 1 learners took him in as one of their very own.

Learn all about how Sue’s students used Solution Fluency to learn about family and fellowship with their new extraterrestrial honour student. Read more

Solution Fluency and Our Environment

GEMS-1-CTA-coverIf there’s one thing kids care about, it’s protecting and conserving the global environment. The Grade 9 science students of Dionne Douglas at GEMS Dubai American Academy are living proof.

Learn from their success what it takes to create ingenious solutions to the problems that really matter. Read more

Lindisfarne Shows Us a World in Bloom

lindisfarne-CTA-coverIs one life more important than another? Is my life more valuable than yours? These were the questions facing the Year 3 students of teacher Kim Denny at Lindisfarne School.

This is how her students used Solution Fluency to look beyond their own lives and show that across the city or the globe, we are all still family. Read more

Innovating With Future Home Designs

GEMS-2-CTA-coverToday’s students know innovation and creativity are a powerful combination. Paul Myer Hopkins of GEMS DubaiAmerican Academy gave his a chance to put those skills into future home designs.

Here's how his Grade 7 learners put their hearts and minds into concepts for homes of the future, built to last and made for a better world. Read more

Creative Games from Creative Kids

dubai-3-CTA-coverNothing engages kids in learning like the chance to play. Add creativity and critical thinking you really give them achance to shine like never before.

Jaimie Powers of GEMS Dubai American Academy asked her students to use the Fluencies to create their own original games, and the results were spectacular. Read more

Enjoy these and more GDCF success stories, and learn how to begin bringing the Fluencies to your own classroom. Let us know when you're ready to begin making the shift!