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Get Our FREE Project Based Learning Guides

Introducing a brand new series from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation—PBL in the Classroom! Explore awesome project based learning ideas for all grade levels in 3 separate ebooks. They’re all yours for FREE!

PBL (Project Based Learning) is a big part of modern learning environments. Now you can take students on journeys of creativity, exploration, and real-world learning with our new 3-ebook series PBL in the Classroom! They're all yours for free, and they contain awesome project based learning ideas for you and your students to explore!

Solution Fluency is the process used for project based learning. It helps students develop problem solving skills and to become successful with any challenge. But what does project based learning look like in the classroom? How do we do it with students?

The PBL in the Classroom guides that we’ve developed at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation will help. They contain PBL classroom project ideas for years K–5, 6–9, and 10–12. Each guide contains 8 ideas for classroom projects—that’s two for each core subject! Your students can learn while:

  • journeying through the galaxy
  • rewriting Shakespeare
  • designing a business strategy
  • building a pet playground
  • exploring ancient mysteries
  • creating a movie trailer
  • investigating historical crime scenes

These and so many more ideas are waiting for your students. With our PBL in the Classroom guides you can bring them alive in your classroom, your way!

Customizable Creativity

These ideas are useful for all year levels, but what if you find a lesson idea that's not for your specific grade? No problem—you can fully customize these ideas to suit any year you want. Also, all the project ideas in these books are cross-curricular in nature, and can be adapted to other subject areas.

For example, one book features a Mathematics project called “Selling a Cereal Box” in which students design a cereal box for marketing. Here’s how you can apply it to a range of different year levels:

  • Primary—exploring shapes, art and drawing
  • Middle—volume of right rectangular prisms, basic graphic design principles
  • Secondary—media and marketing studies, package design, advanced modelling techniques

Each project idea also contains a list of valuable links to help you visualize and shape the PBL project idea with tools and resources that apply specifically to the lesson concepts. They will supplement you as you develop the lessons to suit your students, subject, and grade level.

Get started now with engaging and rewarding project based learning experiences in your classroom with the PBL in the Classroom series—yours free from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation!