NOW READING: The All-New GDCF "Mindful Assessment" Book is Now on Sale!

The All-New GDCF "Mindful Assessment" Book is Now on Sale!

The Global Digital Citizen Foundation is pleased to announce that our brand-new book Mindful Assessment: The 6 Essential Fluencies of Innovative Learning is now available for purchase from Solution Tree Publishing. (If you're one of our dear friends in Australia, you can get it here.)

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mindfulassessment-265_1This book is all about rethinking the relationship between teaching and learning and assessing the crucial skills students need to succeed both now in the future.

It encourages a shift in our focus of assessment on mindfulness and feedback for improvement, and on framing assessment around the Essential Fluencies students need to cultivate. The Mindful Assessment book also provides scenarios, lessons, activities, and assessment frameworks as tools to help you in your own mindful assessment practices.

It's everything you need to make lasting meaningful change in the way you assess learning, all in one book.

"Often we refer to teaching and learning as though it consists of simply applying teaching to learners, with learning happening as a direct result. However, we must unify with our students." Click to tweet

In the new Mindful Assessment book, you'll experience the following and more:

  • Discover the Essential Fluencies and skills students need for success in life beyond school.
  • Examine different kinds of assessments and their focuses, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Gain assessment rubrics for evaluating students’ skills in the Fluencies.
  • Access sample lessons and projects supporting the Fluencies.
  • Employ the Solution Fluency Activity Planner to help students develop crucial Fluencies skills and mindsets.

Get Your Copy of the Mindful Assessment Book

Join the thousands of educators who are rethinking assessment all across the globe. Go to Solution Tree, Solution Tree AU, or Hawker Brownlow now to purchase your copy of Mindful Assessment: The 6 Essential Fluencies of Innovative Learning.Critical Thinking Companion