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How To Use Instagram In The Classroom

"Katie Lepi from Edudemic provides us with an infographic from the blog of Librarians on the Fly, and one that's filled with great ideas for using the creative power of the Instagram app for class projects."

via Edudemic

We’ve shared a lot of different ideas here on how to integrate different forms of social media in the classroom. From Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest, there are a ton of educators out there who are harnessing their students’ existing interest and knowledge of these social media tools to engage them in learning activities in the classroom. The handy infographic below (Via: shows a number of different ways to employ another popular social media tool in the classroom and library: Instagram It does offer you more than just fun filters for your photos! Keep reading to learn more.

Using Instagram In School

  • Use for Math by having students take photos of items demonstrating certain concepts like parallel lines, symmetry, angles, etc.
  • For Science, students can be asked to post photos of certain types of animals, plants, ecosystems, an element, acids, etc.
  • For English/Language Arts, students can be asked to take photos of their favorite books, characteristics of the character, setting, etc.
  • Have the students use hashtags specific to your classroom and project so that you and your students can easily find photos applicable to certain projects.

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