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Get the FREE Essential Questions Guide

In any great lesson, an essential question is what drives your students' quest for knowledge and discovery of the unknown. So what makes a question "essential?" Let's find out together!

To help you discover more about how you can develop your best essential questions for inquiry- and project-based learning, we've got a new free quick-reference guide—The EQ Guide, direct from your friends at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation.

This informative free guide will help you better understand what makes up a really solid essential question. It's a fun way to learn the "essentials" of crafting inspiring EQs.


The EQ Guide features a practical exploration of how to turn a non-essential question into an essential one.

We'll guide you through a practical exploration of essential questions as we take a non-essential question and turn it into an essential one. You'll have lots to think about and plenty of tips to use along the way.

The guide also includes 2 terrific tools to help you develop your own EQs: The EQ Matrix, and an EQ Activities Page. Both have spaces that you can edit and fill in right inside the guide—perfect for making notes and recording your thoughts and ideas while you workshop your own essential questions.

The EQ Guide will help you:

  • Understand essential questions better
  • Learn what makes them "essential"
  • Grade your essential questions
  • Customize EQs for your lesson plans
  • Construct your very best essential questions

Enjoy your journey towards building essential questions with the help of The EQ Guide, yours free from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation!