NOW READING: The GDCF Comedy Break Episode 6: The Things Some Students Say!

The GDCF Comedy Break Episode 6: The Things Some Students Say!

Here at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation, we love to laugh and laugh hard. That's the whole reason why we created the GDCF Comedy Break—because we know you like laughing too. So, welcome to the GDCF Comedy Break Episode 6. In case you missed them or just want to giggle again, here are links to our previous installments:

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Today we're going to look at some of the funny things that students say in class. Sometimes, if you're a teacher, nobody makes you laugh harder than some of your students. Whether it's intentional or not, they can make you bust a gut with some of the things they say.


Such are the real-life tales below. These are actual stories of things that students have said during class, collected from around the Web. Enjoy!

From Reader's Digest:

After a coworker had finished his English lecture and his class had filed out, a tenth grader stayed behind to confront him. “I don’t appreciate being singled out,” he told his teacher.

The teacher was confused. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know what the ‘oxy’ part means, but I know what a ‘moron’ is, and you looked straight at me when you said it.”

From Education to the Core:

I teach 3rd grade. During a science lesson, I explained that moonlight is just sunlight reflected off the moon. Immediately one of my students asked, “Then why doesn’t it kill vampires?”

From Your Tango:

A kid said this to me as I start teaching the class a song: "This is my parents' wedding song."

I said, "Oh, so you're probably excited to play it and do a nice thing for them?"

The kid said, "Nope. I don't think about anything to do with the process of making me."

From Funny Things My Students Say:

A cute first grader came to me and said, "Can I tell you a secret?"

I always say yes in case something is wrong or bothering them. She then whispered, "Santa bought me Frozen underwear, and I'm wearing them!"

From The Cornerstone for Teachers:

I teach kindergarten and when I was urging a student to get down to work, he looked up and me and said, “You do know that I didn’t sign up for this. My dad did it.”

From P&G Everyday:

I had a third-grade student who was always cracking me up with phrases he obviously heard at home from his parents and older brothers. When the announcements came on at the end of the day announcing a bus delay due to weather, the little boy, all bundled up in full coat, gloves, etc., yelled, "Ain't nobody got time for that! I need to get home!"

From TakePart:

One of my kindergarten students said, "I know all about the Pilgrims. They were leprechauns who came to America to help people build houses." She was very proud of herself!

From Tickld:

"I just don't think the cloud is safe. What if the weather is bad and you can't access your data?"

From Reddit:

I was playing a game where the kids have to guess a vocabulary word that's written on the board behind them—the player faces the room and has to use the kids' clues to guess. The word was "government," and this kid was not getting it.

Then someone yelled out, "It's the thing in all the movies that knows when there's aliens but don't tell anybody!" And she said, "Oh, the government?"

From Cafe Mom:

It came up during class that I am vegetarian. A student raises her hand: "Can you eat animal crackers?"

Class is laughing. She doesn't understand why. I sarcastically respond with a smile, "No. No, I can't."

Then, 20 minutes later, she raises her hand again. "You know animal crackers aren't actually animals, right?"

Share a laugh if you have any funny classroom stories of your own!