NOW READING: The GDCF Comedy Break: What a Teacher's Brain Looks Like

The GDCF Comedy Break: What a Teacher's Brain Looks Like

Don't you just love it when people who aren't teachers tell you how easy teaching is? At any given time, a teacher's brain is full to capacity with stuff we can't even imagine. From ABCs and 123s to professional development and beyond, it's amazing what the average teacher's head holds. It's a juggling act that would put a Cirque Du Soliel performer to shame.

On a previous comedy break, if you recall, we talked about weird things only teachers understand. True enough, an educator's world is a special one full of surprises and twists of every kind. These really are things that mostly only teachers can appreciate. Most learn to weather them, some still struggle with them, and some even welcome them. No matter what, a teacher wouldn't become one if they didn't know the risks and choose to love the job in spite of them. That's what makes teachers—and that incredible teacher's brain they all have—so special.


The infographic below was originally created by the gang at We Are Teachers. "The Teacher Brain" takes a fun vintage inspired look at what's going on in an (extra)ordinary teacher's brain every day. And as any teacher can tell you, it's probably more accurate than the rest of us may think.


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