NOW READING: Free eBook Download: 10 Things to Know About BYOD

Free eBook Download: 10 Things to Know About BYOD

If you’re thinking about adopting a BYOD program in your school, take a look at our ebook for a list of things to consider before starting up. It’s yours now to download for FREE!


A BYOD program is an appealing directive that encourages students to harness the power of their own personal mobile technologies to enhance their learning experiences. But how do you get started in doing this? What do you need to consider before you begin on the path towards BYOD?

Here at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation, we understand the challenges of implementing such a program across your school or district. If you want to do it, you'll want to do it right. As such, we've crafted a special free eBook for you to help with this. It's called 10 Things to Know Before Starting a BYOD Program. It's designed to help you with some of the most crucial considerations you can make before diving into this kind of rewarding digital program.

The idea behind a successful BYOD initiative rests in the old boy scout motto of “Be Prepared,” which is exactly what this ebook is for. Read about 10 key things you must consider before getting into your own BYOD program. With each point, you’ll have the opportunity to consider important questions about where your school is at with BYOD readiness, and where you’d ultimately like to be!

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