NOW READING: Free Download: The Critical Thinking Workbook

Free Download: The Critical Thinking Workbook

Build critical thinking skills in your students and have a blast with challenging activities and games using the GDCF's all-new teacher resource. Here's The Critical Thinking Workbook—all yours for FREE!

The leaders of tomorrow are the students of today, and it's a teacher's job to give them the skills they need to succeed. Part of these skills is having the ability to think critically and independently. We've just finished developing a brand new resource that can make building this skill a fun and inspiring journey for everyone. It's The Critical Thinking Workbook, and it's yours absolutely free!

Critical thinking involves mindful communication, problem-solving, and a freedom from bias or egocentric tendency. It's clear, rational, logical, and independent thinking. It’s about improving thinking by analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing how we think.

You can apply critical thinking to any kind of subject, problem, or situation you choose.

  • Elevator Pitch—Push yourself to convincingly “pitch” an idea, concept, product/service or proposal in the time it takes to ride an elevator, or about 30 to 60 seconds.
  • 1001 Ways—Pick an average well-known object and imagine creative new uses and everyday applications for it.
  • What Would Happen?—Fill in the blanks and use your imagination to visualize and describe what would happen with the suggested hypothetical situations and scenarios.
  • You Know the Rules—Choose 3 rules that all of humanity must follow. What are they and why would you choose them?

These and many more ways to supercharge your critical thinking skills are waiting for you in The Critical Thinking Workbook.

Shareable and Editable Critical Thinking Power

The Critical Thinking Workbook is a completely editable and shareable resource. It's designed to let you use it as either an electronic document, or as printable worksheets. Students can use it in the exact same way! There are also Answer Keys for the activities that need them provided at the back of the book.

So go get thinking! Download your free copy of The Critical Thinking Workbook today, and start using it with your students to bring even more fun ways of learning into your own modern classroom!