NOW READING: The Twitter-Tastic Teacher's Guide

The Twitter-Tastic Teacher's Guide

Ever since 2006 when everyone's favourite little blue bird said hello to the social media world, Twitter has proven itself to be a tried-and-true digital teaching and learning platform. It's a versatile and engaging tool for teachers and students all across the world.

And now you can bring the power of Twitter into your classroom, with the help of the amazing Twitter-Tastic Teacher's Guide.


What's Inside the Guide?

In this guide, you'll discover 30 Twitterrific classroom activities to explore with your students. The activities include things like:

  • Following news feeds and blogs for class projects
  • Role-playing and quizzing as characters from fiction and history
  • Building a brand with Twitter and using it as a mini-portfolio tool
  • Scavenger hunts, art galleries, and meme-tracking
  • Class management tips and strategies, and more!

Each page is packed with suggestions, tips, and screenshots for you to visualize how best to use Twitter in your own classroom.


What About Teachers? Don't They Get to Play, Too?

You bet you do! Besides all the fun you'll have doing the cool classroom activities with your students, we've included tips and resources for expanding your PLN and connecting with other dedicated professional like yourselves, in your own fields of interest. There's also a list of some of the best education hashtags for you to follow, explore, and connect with.


Get the Twitter-Tastic Teacher's Guide Today

We designed this guide for you and your learners because we believe learning is meant to be a fun-filled journey. And Twitter makes learning just like that. Social media tools like Twitter really do have a place in the modern classroom, and this fun guide gives you everything you need to get rolling.

Enjoy the many different faces of Twitter in your classroom—download the Twitter-Tastic Teacher's Guide today. Happy Tweeting!