NOW READING: Download the Free Tools for Teachers STEM Guide

Download the Free Tools for Teachers STEM Guide

You've waited for free stuff long enough—introducing the third book in the free tools series from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation. Check out Tools for Teachers: STEM Learning. It's all yours for FREE!

When it comes to free digital tools, how do you find the best of the best? Good question—that's why the gang here at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation created the Tools for Teachers seriesWe love to learn and help others learn too!

In the exciting third volume of this series we've sourced the best online resources we could find centered on STEM learning. The result is the all-new Tools for Teachers STEM Guide. Download it now for FREE!

This new ebook volume features some of the finest free digital resources for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Explore each one and see which are your favourites, and which ones will fit best with your STEM-savvy students.


  • Check out tools like TryScienceKinetic City, and Strange Matter for science project ideas that are as informative as they are entertaining
  • Explore TinkerCadCode.orgGamestar Mechanic and more for tools to help students create online sketches, design games, and learn coding techniques
  • Learn about the unique world of engineering with sites like DiscovereTryEngineering, and Engineer Girl
  • Hone mathematical prowess while having tons of fun with sites like MathTV, Math Blaster, and Numberphile

They're all there, plus many more, and they're waiting for you and your kids to get creative with! Download the free Tools for Teachers STEM Guide now for free, and branch off into some great STEM learning experiences!