NOW READING: Digital Citizenship Resources List for Teachers from ETML

Digital Citizenship Resources List for Teachers from ETML

Via Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

There is a special section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning where I have aggregated a plethora of resources that teachers can use with their students to teach them about  digital citizenship. And today I come across these wonderful resources compiled by Taryn Degnan from Common Sense Media. I thought about tweeting the link without having to share it here but I know thousands of email and RSS Feed subscribers would miss it. Below is a round-up of all the links Taryn featured in her post. Enjoy!

You can also check this great page from Tech Learning that features of 20 essential resources on digital citizenship.




This article originally appeared on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, a website operated by a group of dedicated Canadian teachers. The resources found in this article were compiled by Taryn Degnan from Common Sense Media.