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What You Need to Know About Digital Age Eye Care and Why

With all the screens in our lives, digital age eye care should be a priority for us all. Unfortunately this isn't always the case, and especially with our students. In addition to the screen time they enjoy at school, it's also an integral part of their lives after school. They're locked into smartphones, tablets, laptops and more practically every moment. In many cases, they are often interacting with screens late into the evening. They aren't the only ones, however, because adults are guilty of it also. Nevertheless, this all adds up to potential for eye strain and we need to take care of our eyes at all times.

Luckily there are some simple things we can perform every day in terms of digital age eye care. They're all here in this infographic called Taking Care Of Your Eyes In The Digital Age. The creators, who are Canadian optometrists, talk about eye health in the age of technology:

"Protecting your eyesight is vital in maintaining good quality of life. With the advent of technology, it comes as no surprise why nearly 60 million school-age children use computers and other digital devices sometimes for hours a day. This increase exposure puts them at greater risk for Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This is a serious eye health condition that can cause back and neck pain, dry eyes, and even headaches. More than these uncomfortable symptoms, this condition can lead to long term vision problems and eye disorders."

We've written about these conditions and others in the article Practicing Tech Health Improves Our Relationship With Technology. In the end, both practicing and modelling digital age eye care can alleviate and prevent the above from happening. All it takes is a few simple practices like the ones below and you'll do wonders for your vision. Use them to keep your kids' and your eyes healthy for a lifetime in the world of digital screens. And be careful out there.


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