NOW READING: Navigating Common Problems Students Face During University Life

Navigating Common Problems Students Face During University Life

Going to university offers all kinds of opportunities that we never had before. With those opportunities, though, can come stress and other problems. To get through their academic careers successfully, students adjusting to university life need to be able to handle problems when they arise. Here are some of the most common issues university students face and how to cope with them.


Almost every student will fall victim to homesickness if they're living away from home. It could be the first time you've ever lived away from your family. It's understandable if you start missing home, but it can get so bad that it affects your studies.

Solution: Homesickness is something that's hard to handle, but you can deal with it. Ask friends and family back home to stay in touch, and even send care packages to you. If you can, try and visit home at least once a month. Soon, you'll feel more capable of living on your own.

Time management

University requires a lot more of you than high school, and you'll never quite understand that until you receive your full workload. If you're trying to cram a lot of credits into one semester, you could find yourself struggling to keep up.

Solution: You'll need to know your limits to keep from overworking yourself. Don't take on more credits than you can handle in one semester. If you need more help in managing your timetable, try consulting with an expert at Paper Fellows.

Excessive partying

There's nothing wrong with attending parties while at college, but there are dangers you should be aware of. Alcohol and drugs can impair your judgment, meaning you could do something that could harm your health. If you spend too much time partying you could also see your grades start to slip.

Solution: Take precautions before you head out to a party. Arrange for a ride if you know you're going to be drinking. Keep an eye on your friends too, and look out for each other. If you know you have exams or important classes coming up soon, don't be afraid to say no. There'll always be another party once exams are over.

Working while in school

There's no doubt that college is expensive. Many students now are facing down huge debts in order to complete their studies. Because of this, more and more students are taking on jobs while they study. This means that they're making enough to live and learning workplace skills which they need for success, but their studies can start to suffer as they juggle work and school.

Solution: It's important that you don't take on more hours at work than you're capable of working. Otherwise, you will end up on a path to burnout. If you're struggling to keep up with both work and school, you'll need to find workarounds in order to help you do both. Be sure not to take too many hours at work, either. You may think that taking on extra hours is better as you make more money, but your time is valuable too. Keep a good balance between work, school, and leisure.

Friends and roommates

Everyone's heard the horror stories that can come from having a roommate. Even if you're friends with them, conflicts can arise and it can feel as though there's no way out.

Solution: If there's a conflict brewing, take some time away from your friends or roommates. Head to a campus cafe or other public area, and come back when you've calmed down. Then you can both talk the problem through.

There's plenty of issues that you'll run into while living university life. They look insurmountable, but every problem has a solution. Look at it logically and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. That way, you can get through anything.

Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years experience in business management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. She is a consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs at a professional writing community who travels around the world and shares her gained experience.