NOW READING: The Best Teacher Resources for All Your Learning Needs

The Best Teacher Resources for All Your Learning Needs

At Wabisabi Learning, it's no secret we love teachers and want to do everything we can to help you in your career journey. Our team has worked hard to bring you the best teacher resources possible. Yours is a tough profession undergoing constant change, and you want tools and materials you can rely on to help you bring the best learning possible to your students.

In this article we're showcasing some of the best teacher resources we've got for you. There's a broad selection of resources for you to explore. Do you want resources for teaching with Bloom's Taxonomy? You'll find those here. Or what about essential questions, critical thinking, or problem-solving skills? You're definitely in the right place.

Check out what's on offer below, and you're sure to find something awesome for your classrooms.

The Best Teacher Resources from Wabisabi

These are our most sought-after resources, designed to provide you with plenty of tools and tips for the best possible skill development and learning adventures you can give to your students. Click on the image to download each resource.


The Critical Thinking Companion

The ultimate teacher’s compendium for teaching and developing critical thinking skills.

  • Dozens of challenging games and activities
  • Exciting project-based learning scenarios
  • A full rubric framework for assessing critical thinking skills
  • Resources for understanding and instruction



The Essential Guide to Essential Questions

An info-packed guide for understanding, developing, and assessing essential questions.

  • Tips and lessons for understanding essential questions
  • 3 exciting editable tools for building and grading your EQs
  • Full charts of questions for teaching the Essential Fluencies



The Solution Fluency Companion

An in-depth step-by-step practicum for applying Solution Fluency to any learning task.

  • Gain practical knowledge for SF application in classrooms
  • Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Help learners develop Solution Fluency skills for life


Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet

The ultimate cheatsheet for developing learners’ critical thinking abilities.

  • Build strong critical thinking habits
  • Develop lifelong learning mindsets
  • Engage students in discussion and collaboration
  • Shift responsibility for learning to students
  • Encourage curiosity and creative thought




CT Cheatsheet Multilingual Pack

Our popular Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet is offered in this cool package along with 7 international translations: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, and Arabic—a must-have for global schools teaching critical thinking and looking for the best resource to help them.



Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Verbs

A poster of power verbs aligned with the stages of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.

  • Reference Bloom's action verbs
  • Develop descriptive rubrics
  • Use for top-notch lesson planning
  • Expand your Bloom’s vocabulary





Classroom Motivational Posters

Share some inspiration for learners with these 12 different classroom motivational posters.

  • Share positive messages
  • Foster digital citizenship
  • Understand Solution Fluency
  • Instil lifelong learning mindsets
  • Create a culture of caring





5 Steps to Asking Good Questions

Learn to formulate meaningful authentic questions for conversation, research, and more.

  • Form meaningful questions
  • Communicate and listen better
  • Analyze and improve other questions
  • Build critical thinking skills
  • Improve research outcomes


We hope this preview of our best teacher resources got you wanting more. Check out our full storefront on Wabisabi Learning for many more teaching materials and guides you'll absolutely love.

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