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Teaching With Technology: Survival Tip Guide

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If you’re a brave soul attempting to teach with technology, then you know that it can be a challenging and downright difficult task. Students are resistant to change. Teachers are too. Administrators are, well, too. Everyone seems to be unsure about how to effectively integrate technology without running into several roadblocks.

A presentation by the always amazing Shelly Terrell should help. It’s quite literally a survival guide to teaching with technology and I strongly recommend you scroll through each slide. It’s packed with wisdom from a teacher who really gets it. Terrell has been a strong proponent of teaching with technology and she’s incredibly passionate about it. You can tell from the slides and her blog here.

Survival Tips for Integrating Technology in Classes from Shelly Terrell

The presentation above walks you through (step-by-step – love that show – now the theme song is in my head) how to approach technology integration. Basically, start with what you know and build on that. Figure out what your students are currently using, how they’re using it, and what you can learn from them.

The next step is to simply understand that technology is a tool. Like any tool, it’ll fail you at times. In fact, in my experience technology fails when you need it most. It’s great for playing games while on a train but delivering a presentation? Usually the tech melts down. Be prepared for that kinda thing. Check your tech.Now get connected. Learn from others. Keep your students learning all about the technology. Get those students to teach other students and you’ll start a snowball effect you can be truly proud of.Good luck!
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