NOW READING: A Detailed Visual Guide To Distributed Project-Based Learning

A Detailed Visual Guide To Distributed Project-Based Learning

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Project-based Learning is a passion of ours at Edudemic. We’ve seen how effective it can be in and out of the classroom. Quite simply, it provides the opportunity for students to learn from each other, get their hands dirty, work in an active learning environment, and to simply have fun at school. What could be better than that? PBL teachers are typically on the lookout for PBL-aligned apps and web tools that can bolster their powerful learning environment. In an effort to help those teachers out, Katie and I found a fabulous new visual diagram that’s all about which apps and tools go with the different parts of distributed project-based learning.

This chart reminds me a bit of the popular ‘Padagogy Chart’ by Allan Carrington we shared here on Edudemic. But it’s less focused on technology and more focused on improving the effectiveness of PBL. Gotta love that.

Breaking Down Distributed Project-Based Learning

This diagram breaks down the different phases and goals of PBL into bite-size chunks. It starts with the organizing and coordinating of work, moves onto building background knowledge, and then the actual ‘making’ aspect of PBL. It then goes much deeper and explores the various tools and methodologies that work with each of those phases (for lack of a better term).

As you can see, the tools and apps are all organized quite neatly into each phase. It’s a granular look at a fairly complex topic made simple.

For example, you can use YouTube as part of your project-based learning to build background knowledge, inspire learning from classmates, elaborate on details of your project, make some contextual annotation, create an adaptive video tutorial, and ultimately lead to instant learning. Pretty impressive.

Each tool and app is organized into these types of phases and goals. The ultimate goal of distributed project-based learning being the effective learning of an array of skills thanks to a blended learning environment filled with technology, active minds, and inspired students.

Want a bigger version of this incredible diagram? Click here to view the printable PDF!

Otherwise, click the image to enlarge it. That should be more than enough for the wonderful Edudemic readers. Enjoy and happy learning!

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