NOW READING: A List of 8 Instructional Resources for Exploring STEM Subjects

A List of 8 Instructional Resources for Exploring STEM Subjects

STEM learning is an interesting adventure. It's a thrilling and fascinating study for many curious students. This area of learning has some of the most important digital-age skills modern learners can master. The Web is alive with some of the best tools for exploring STEM subjects.

For students who find such subjects a chore, video can be the cure. It can make exploring STEM subjects with blended learning much more compelling. Others like games and activities to stimulate learning. All you need are the right resources. These are some of the best out there.

Resource Hubs for Exploring STEM Subjects

All the resources below are arranged into separate categories. There are two listed for each STEM subject. Explore websites for science, technology, engineering, and math.


HowStuffWorks: This is one of the most popular science websites out there. Everything from instructional videos to fun facts about history are here. Don't let this one slip past your radar, students love it.

Live Science: Live Science is another top-ranked science website with tons of resources. You can explore other subjects like health, tech, and history here. Check out their store for instructional equipment and a range of "fun" items.


WonderHowTo: This site is for every aspiring tech geek. Are you an experienced programmer? Are you plugging in a laptop for the first time? WonderHowTo has you covered for anything you want to know.

TED Technology: TED Talks have popular and inspiring videos on many subjects. Their tech lectures and presentations carry on this tradition.

Engineering Their motto says it all: Inform, Inspire, Entertain. There's so much to explore on this site. See featured videos on practically every engineering topic. Play online learning games. Search for job opportunities in the field. has it all and more.

TeachEngineering: This site makes instruction much easier. You can browse standards and search for engineering curriculum here. They also feature plenty of lessons and activities. Other sites worth noting are Try Engineering and eGFI.


MathTV: One look at MathTV and you'll see how much is on offer. This site features tons of videos for every topic and grade level.

LearnZillion: This is an open cloud-based curriculum for math. Improve instruction, and track student performance. You can respond to the specific needs of students for differentiated learning practices.

We'll leave you with this infographic by Visually about the importance of STEM in K–12 education.

The Importance of STEM in K-12 Education

From Visually.