NOW READING: 8 Awesome Project-Based Learning Blogs You Must Follow

8 Awesome Project-Based Learning Blogs You Must Follow

There are way too many project-based learning blogs out there to mention nowadays. It has become such a staple of modern learning. So what's a teacher to do?

Great resources are everywhere on the Web. The GDCF's own Solution Fluency Activity Planner currently hosts over 20,000 users. Even so, we often look to sharing wisdom from others. We're all in the project-based learning arena together. It's a community that deserves continued support from as many people as possible.

We know how busy teachers can be. It’s easy to feel alone in your quest to give your students the best modern learning opportunities. We've saved you some effort in that regard.


The Best Project-Based Learning Blogs Out There

This is an updated list of project-based learning blogs for you to explore. We’ve listed our favorites and what they have offer. Hopefully they will give you plenty of ideas for implementing project-based learning.

We also have some project ideas for you. Check out our free PBL Classroom Guides for inspiration. They're the perfect companions for the project-based learning blogs below.


Edutopia has a reputation as the hub for progressive education. They highlight schools'  best practices for making learning engaging and relevant in a global society. Project-based learning has a prominent place in their Core Strategies. For PBL success stories, go here. For their specific PBL section, it's located here.


One of the best project-based learning blogs around. TeachThought was founded by Terry Heick, an author and former classroom teacher. His group is dedicated to furthering innovation in learning for the present and the future. Their PBL blog is located here.


This is another one of the powerhouse project-based learning blogs that everyone loves. Edudemic has been a favourite of ours for years. Check them out and you'll see why. They have resources for teachers, students, admins, and more. They've even got a series of education guides on a number of cool topics. A must-follow!

The Buck Institute for Education

BIE has been in the game since 1987. They have always been a hub for teacher improvement. It has become one of the best project-based learning blogs of all time. They advocate creating school-wide implementation of PBL.

BIE recognizes the meteoric rise in demand for innovative classroom practices. Here is what they have to say about PBL.


Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator

Lisa's bio says it all. "Lisa Nielsen found school boring and irrelevant. That ticked her off. She writes this blog to share ideas to help change that for others." She offers a whole slew of books and resources on her website for every educator. She's got several insightful posts on project-based learning as well.



KQED is a supporter of innovative teaching practices. Their education blog is called MindShift. These articles that MindShift offers give great insights into improving PBL. is a great resource. It provides a checklist for sound implementation of PBL. Their project-based learning blog can be found here. They've made resources for assessment, professional development, and even assistance for special needs. The homepage displays many online tools to help the tech-minded teacher.

Bianca Hewes

Bianca Hewes began her own project-based learning journey back in 2010. Since then, she's learned a lot about it. This is one of those project-based learning blogs built on hard-earned experience and practical wisdom. This post about her first experience with PBL is an eye-opener. Her posts are honest, heart-felt, and very inspiring.

What Project-Based Learning Blogs Do You Love?

Our own GDCF blog features many posts on project-based learning you'll love as well. If you haven't, we invite you subscribe. Explore the posts and soak up what you can. If we've missed any project-based learning blogs, let us know in the comments. We'd be happy to update our list for you. Happy teaching and learning!