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71 Free Online Courses You've Got to See [Infographic]

When it comes to online learning, quality matters. It takes worthwhile courses for reasonable prices to stand out for teachers and students alike. You can't get more reasonable a price than FREE, and here we've got 71 worth looking at. This infographic is called 71 Free Online Courses and Tutorials You Haven't Tried Before, which we discovered on ELearning Infographics. You're sure to find it useful if you're looking for new things to learn while online.

Why Take Free Online Courses?

The convenience of online learning is common in the digital age, and for good reason. You can expand your knowledge in your own way and on your own time—perfect for us learners-on-the-go. Also, you'll find that more and more popular learning organizations and even acclaimed universities are offering free content online all the time. And of course, there's plenty to be discovered on sites like YouTube EDU and iTunes Open Education as well. These days, everyone with knowledge to share is getting into the online education scene.

Julie Peterson and Kenneth Waldman from Essaymama have done an amazing job sourcing the free online courses for this infographic. With these courses you can learn from reliable professionals in their field of knowledge. There's so much exciting content to choose from. You're learning from the best, free of charge! How awesome is that?

As you choose, however, choose carefully! Think about what you really want to learn and do some research on it before you begin the course. Pick a category of interest first and then narrow it down to a specific course you want to take. You'll ensure you get the most out of your time invested in online learning.

Enjoy the infographic, and have fun exploring the courses on offer in it. You're sure to find something that interests you and even your students. Happy learning!

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