NOW READING: 7 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Writing Skill

7 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Writing Skill

Writing in the 21st Century is much more improved than it has been in the past. As the world develops, the old ways of doing things are abandoned whilst new methods are adopted. There are too many technological innovations happening which continue to make tackling complex issues easier. The world of technology has transformed the writing profession. Various technological methods are incorporated into the writing process as described below.

1. Feedback Mechanism via Automated Systems

Too many students are being admitted into various learning institutions globally. As the number skyrockets, tutors find it hard to grade the students individually, awarding marks and giving comments. This process is made easier by the use of high-tech products which assist the students by providing the required help. The programs fix errors and give suggestions on the right way of solving the existing problems. These programs are still evolving and will go an extra mile in relieving the workload of the learning fraternity.

2. Technological Collaboration

New technological practices make it easier for a group of people to collaborate on various writing projects. For instance, Google Drive enables a group of researchers to share materials and assist one another in solving a pertinent challenge. Moreover, tutors across the globe participate in existing writing projects since the programs provide an avenue to do so. Other programs are in existence which offer an opportunity for collaboration through web-based services.

3. Blog Writing

Blog writing is always geared towards a wider cross-section of the society. This is an achievement as far as the learning process in various institutions is concerned. The lecturers can assign the students an activity of coming up with a blog that addresses a particular issue or problem within the society. The students can in turn perform a more collaborative writing process that yields Web-ready writing. Technological tools used in the writing process are bound to assist younger generations in the future as the world transforms itself towards a digital era.

4. Writing via Tablets

Schools around the globe are using tablets as a standard tool. This is directly affecting the writing process, and these gadgets are offering an easy time for the students in terms of writing and sharing of materials. The gadgets contain sophisticated programs that assist the students in advancing their grammar, translate the writing process into more practical use, and develop technical sharing processes. Furthermore, these tools are assisting the students in harnessing their research skills. The students that are more proficient in using tablets are more likely to pass their research tests than those who aren’t.

5. Publishing and Training

As the world becomes more transformational, paperwork gets eliminated. There is a proliferation of writers who are cropping up to address various issues in the world. The writing process in this case is performed via blogs, academic writing, article writing, ebooks, and transcription. All of this work is being patented and published online via the use of technological tools. Moreover, a lot of training regarding academic articles, e-books, and transcribing is being conducted online through diverse programs developed globally.

6. Supplementary Materials

The world is connected via the Internet. Programs such as Google, Yahoo, and more are being used everywhere to supplement lessons offered through seminars, workshops and classrooms. The persons offering these services get additional materials easily by visiting a search engine which yields extra materials to advance the writing process.

7. Meeting Threshold

There are various ways to approach a particular writing process. For instance, how an academician approaches his or her work is quite different from how a blogger, academic writer, or a journalist does their work. Their processes require exercising professional traits and tricks in order to meet the threshold required in their specific writing process. These writers often do more research via technological tools to obtain information on the various aspects of writing. Some of the tactics incorporated into writing include referencing, quotes, paraphrasing, and citations.

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