NOW READING: 6 Powerful Study Apps for the Digital Learner [Infographic]

6 Powerful Study Apps for the Digital Learner [Infographic]

Who enjoys studying? Decades ago, it would have been a lot more fun if we had powerful study apps like the ones learners use today. Such applications offer a few notable benefits to an otherwise tedious task. First, they make studying more engaging for digitally-inclined students. Second, they can enhance collaboration in study groups. Third, many study-oriented apps have features that can make the process more versatile and allow for better information sourcing. Using powerful study apps in tandem with the skills of Information Fluency is your students' best bet for success.

This infographic from Australian online learning company Ducere celebrates 6 powerful study apps for today's digital learners. It's called 6 Must-Have Study Apps For Students.

In the past, we've discussed the power of social media as a learning tool, especially Facebook. We've also talked about how learners can use Evernote for building digital portfolios. Both of these tools feature in this infographic, along with favourites like Google Drive, Survey Monkey, and Prezi. In addition, the creators of the infographic have some solid suggestions for how these apps can be employed in your learners' best studying practices.


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