NOW READING: 50 Free Tech Tools for Every Educational Adventure

50 Free Tech Tools for Every Educational Adventure

"This collection of free tech tools for your classroom will help you learn how to enhance your curriculum and improve the learning experience for your students."

Source: Simple K12

Free tech tools are exciting to find and share. We regularly scour the Web for lists all the time, and do our best to bring them to you. 50 Free Tech Tools For Your Classroom.

The landscape of the digital classroom never stays the same for long. That's why the amount of online free tech tools that teachers have is always growing. Everything you could possibly want is out there for any topic and practice. Media creation, organization, lesson planning, digital storytellying, you name it—chances are you can find a free tech tool for it.

Kimberly Kellogg has done a wonderful job of digging up some brand new tools to place alongside favourites that keep getting better. Along with old friends like Dropbox, Edmodo, and LiveBinders, here are some examples of the other exciting tools she has sourced for you:

  • Storyboard Generator—Choose a script and create a storyboard, or build your own original using photographs as backgrounds.
  • Myths & Legends—An engaging digital storytelling site that's highly creative and interactive.
  • Triptico—A free tool for teachers featuring over 100,000 shared activities created by educators all over the world.
  • Penzu—Elegant and simple online journaling at its best.
  • FlipSnack—Publish your own original online magazines, and make existing PDF files into unique interactive flipbooks.

You can explore Kimberly's great list at Simple K12. In the meantime, we'll continue to bring you news on the best free tech tools as we discover them. Now go have some fun!