NOW READING: 4 Super-Fun STEM Online Tools That Will Keep Kids Curious

4 Super-Fun STEM Online Tools That Will Keep Kids Curious

What better way to get kids curious about exploring STEM subjects than with STEM online tools? You don't want just any old tools, though. Instead, you want ones that connect to STEM in the most engaging ways possible. That's what you'll find in the MindShift article 4 STEM Tools That Turn Students’ Curiosity Into Real Learning.
The article's author Danny Wagner understands that the journey is more important than the destination. This is especially true in learning, and it's why he chose these STEM online tools to write about:
"What's most meaningful about curious exploration is the path, not the destination. STEM educators in particular have long valued inquiry- and project-based approaches that support this. But it's up to teachers to help students realize that ... finding an answer from an Internet search tends to be much less satisfying than the struggle it took to get there."
Below is a quick summary of the STEM online tools Danny features in his article. Follow the links to check them out for yourself and download them for Apple or Google devices.

4 Fantastic STEM Online Tools for Digital Learners

lifeliqe-1Lifelique: Science and math meet 3D with this entertaining app. "Students will find models spanning a variety of subjects and topics, including prehistoric mammals, a dodecahedron, or Stonehenge," says Danny.
pocketlabPocketlab: Pocketlab is exactly that—a lab right in your pocket. It connects by wireless sensor to a personal device of your choice. Collect all sorts of data including acceleration, pressure, magnetic field, and temperature—all in real time.
sam_labs_iconSAM EduTeachers can use SAM Edu to bring the Internet of Things into their classroom, engaging students with hands-on learning while promoting design, programming, and engineering skills.
expeditions_0Expeditions: This app's focus is on presenting amazing virtual field trips for learners. Google Expeditions lets them get up close with historical landmarks, underwater explorations, and even outer space.
Read Danny's full article about STEM online tools on MindShift.

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