NOW READING: 4 of the Best Critical Thinking Resources for Learners to Have

4 of the Best Critical Thinking Resources for Learners to Have

Critical thinking resources are something every learner and teacher should have in their toolbox. They can be for creating questions, or forging pathways, or discovering new ideas and more. Most of all, they are for developing one of the most crucial sets of skills for modern learners to have. The 4 tools below are good to have around as references and reminders for the power of critical thinking.

And we haven't forgotten you either, teachers. In addition to these critical thinking resources, try out the Critical Thinking Workbook. Your learners will love the games and activities inside, and you'll love watching their skills get better and better. Now, on to the tools.

Critical Thinking vs. Creative Thinking

This infographic is originally from Educator's Technology. It's part of in-depth comparison between two modes of thinking that are often considered the same. However, putting them side by side as separate pathways shows how they are related and also what makes them unique.


The Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet

By far this cheatsheet is one of our most popular critical thinking resources. To be effective, critical thinking should always involve asking meaningful and authentic questions at every stage. There are plenty of them here to keep your learners guessing and growing. You can download a full-size copy here for them to use.


6 Critical Questions for Conversation

How often do we think critically while we listen? This is an important part of listening actively, although it takes lots of practice. Luckily, critical thinking resources like this one are the perfect tools to help learners do that. You'll find the 6 categories in this resource from Critical Thinking Asylum are similar to our cheatsheet above. However, these tend to focus more on the crucial aspects of everyday conversation.


How to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

Here's a basic common-sense graphic illustrating easy steps to honing critical thinking. Learners can use this one in tandem with any other critical thinking resources they have to keep ideas fresh.



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