NOW READING: 30 Inspirational Quotes Everyone Should Read [Infographic]

30 Inspirational Quotes Everyone Should Read [Infographic]

What is it about inspirational quotes that grab our attention, and make us want to post them on our social media profiles? Perhaps we can relate to some of their wisdom. Maybe it's because they remind us of something buried deep within that we lost for a short time. Or maybe it's simply because we want to make others feel good. Whatever the case, we all need inspiration sometimes. Inspirational quotes are a quick and easy way to get it.

When it comes to learning, there's always a place for inspiration. After all, our aim in education is to nurture the leaders and architects of generations to come. Our students are the creative minds that will continue to build our future. One day, they will pass on wisdom of their own in inspirational quotes that become timeless.

This infographic from StratX gives us some of the inspirational quotes shared by some of the greatest innovators and achievers in history. Although aimed at business people, they are just as applicable to anyone in any field, and at any point in life. Share them with your students, colleagues, and close friends. Give a bit of inspiration.