NOW READING: 28 Common Word Alternatives That Will Spice Up Your Writing

28 Common Word Alternatives That Will Spice Up Your Writing

Having a broad vocabulary is one of the most valuable assets any writer can have. Nothing lends flair and depth to one's writing like a versatile set of word alternatives that can turn basic banter into captivating content. More often than not, though, we see this option largely unexplored. For example, bloggers and Language Arts learners have to hammer out content pretty quickly to meet deadlines, and as such they often don't have much time to think about how to develop their best and most evocative writing.

Falling back on using common words in our writing can be detrimental in many ways. For one thing, the text can read as unimaginative and even juvenile. In addition, we can find that mundane words don't draw us in and hold our attention as they should. So what's a budding Bard to do?

Ultimately, it isn't about looking smart on paper, but it is about being imaginative and expressive for all the right reasons. Jack Milgram, creator of the infographic below, understands the need for having a toolbox full of word alternatives for any conversation or writing project:

"Have you ever been in a situation like this? You’re having a conversation with your friend or colleague. Once it’s over and couple of minutes pass, thoughts appear in your head. You start thinking something like: 'I should’ve said that differently. Using other words would be better.' And it doesn’t even matter whether the conversation was friendly or if it was an argument of some sort. It can happen even after a small talk."

This featured infographic shines a light on how to avoid that exact problem. It features 28 commonly used "boring" words followed by a list of their perkier word alternatives. Your learners can explore how to use these substitutions in their own writing projects. It may be appealing to want to use them with abandon, but the more practice they get the more they will learn there are usually clear occasions when and when not to use word alternatives.

Why not take that journey together? Explore these 28 word alternatives and find creative ways to introduce them in your next writing lesson. Write on!

28-boring-wordsJack Milgram is a writer and blogger at Custom Writing. You can follow him on Twitter @Jack__Milgram and Facebook at Jack.Milgram.