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27 Ways To Make Sure Students Pay Attention In Class

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Keeping the attention of your students is not easy. If you’re still in school right now (mid-June) then you know it’s downright impossible. But what if you turned the tables a bit? What if you had the students teach the class? Or perhaps had students make something related to the topic your particular course is about. All innovative ideas that simply laid out in the grid below.

The always amazing Mia from An Ethical Island assembled these couple dozen ways to keep students from daydreaming or simply not paying attention. My favorites are having students ‘make’ things and for the ‘groups’ to create the rules. While these are some pretty simple and concise ideas, you should use this as a starting point from which you can develop even better ways to keep students engaged and to, quite simply, make sure students pay attention in class.

What are some of the ways you keep student minds from wandering? What kind of methods do you use to ensure students are actively learning, engaged, and tackling exciting new projects?

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a lofty dream.. H

ow do you keep your students from not falling asleep or checking their phones or Facebook? That’s probably a bit more accurate.

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