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27 Simple Ways To Get Students Excited About Innovation

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Recently, our neighbors introduced us to a couple of their friends who are from Spain. They are both professors here and have a kid who will be entering college in the US this fall. We were chatting about where we’ve lived and where we’d like to, and the topic of taxes came up. One of the things that was mentioned is that in Spain (and in Europe more generally) things like healthcare are offered free of cost and higher education is much much cheaper there than in the US due to the differences in our tax systems. But one of the reasons they thought it was better that their daughter was going to go to school in the US is that they felt that the opportunities for innovation are much bigger here.

That got me thinking: what makes a particular teacher innovative doesn’t necessarily help their students to be innovative.  Luckily, Mia MacMeekin posted this handy infographic that looks at different ways to help your students to be innovative.

Our Favorites

  • Learn more about the failures
  • Take risks
  • Find out what inspires you
  • Share your ideas with others and work together
  • Reach beyond your own abilities

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