NOW READING: 27 Creative Classroom Activities for Early Finishers [Infographic]

27 Creative Classroom Activities for Early Finishers [Infographic]

27 cool creative classroom activities to keep early finishers busy and challenged anytime—and there's always time.

Mia MacMeekin knows all about using classroom time wisely and economically. When it comes to learning, she believes in making every moment count. Evidence of that industriousness can be found everywhere on her blog An Ethical Island. That's also the big idea behind this infographic of hers entitled Early Finishers  What to Do? What to Do?

The challenge in any classroom is to keep learners constantly engaged. So to help out, her infographic contains 27 cool creative classroom activities to give to early fishers—those students who get it all done early and are looking for other things to do.

When the lessons are over, quick and fun creative classroom activities like these are invaluable to have on hand. Your ambitious young learners who finish ahead of the pack can benefit from doing extra activities such as:

  • Odd Jobs: Got some stuff you need help with around the classroom? let your learners pitch in and give you a hand.
  • Get Musical: have an area set up where students can practice music skills in their spare time.
  • Chess Up: Get students playing ongoing games of chess or checkers to challenge their brains.
  • Self-Assess: let students grade their own work or a partner's work with a supplied rubric.
  • Plan Ahead: Have students help you with planning the next day's lesson.
  • Joke Around: Keep a joke book on hand to keep the mood light and fun, a perfect way to finish off a busy day.
  • Troubleshooting: Let students help you troubleshoot a lesson plan by having them list the things that feel could be better or need to be fixed.

This is just a sampling of the 27 creative classroom activities featured in Mia's infographic. Which ones would you like to use with your early finishers?


Discover more of Mia MacMeekin's infographics by visiting her at An Ethical Island.