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12 Tips That Will Make You An Effective Collaborator

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Whether you’re an online student, in-class teacher, parent, or lifelong learning student, you need to know how to collaborate. You need to know these tips that will make you an effective collaborator. From learning to get out of the way to leading by example, there are a lot of great tips here.

These 12 principles of collaboration from the Chess Media Group focus on getting things done. I love that. I’m always thinking of the best and most efficient ways to actually get things done. In order to do that, you typically have to collaborate with others. While some may relish the thought, others may recoil. Whatever your reaction is, these dozen tips should help keep you (mentally at least) on track.

One thing worth noting: these tips are perfect for both students and teachers. While you may think that they’re geared toward administrators or decision-makers, they’re appropriate for just about everyone. For example, students need to know how to adapt and evolve (#10 below) in order to have a successful collaboration.

What tips would you offer? What are the most important things other collaborators should know? Do these tips benefit project-based learning or online learning students more than others? What makes you love (or not love) collaborating with others?

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