NOW READING: A List of 10 Modern Teaching Skills Every Educator Should Have

A List of 10 Modern Teaching Skills Every Educator Should Have

"Whether teaching second-graders or high school sophomores, educators today require specific skills and temperament to face the unique set of circumstances in the modern classroom."

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What are the most important modern teaching skills that educators need? The nature of this question is bound to transform through time as education itself does. For the time being, let's stick with addressing the here and now. Thankfully, someone has stepped forward to help you determine what they are.

Adam Gutierrez has pinpointed 10 useful and important modern teaching skills for mastering, in his Edudemic article called 10 Skills Modern Teachers Need. He reminds us of the broad expectations that are placed on teachers today, as they navigate both a changing vocation and an evolving modern learner:

"Teachers need to face the unique difficulties of today’s classroom head on as well as look forward to new trends that are coming down the pipeline. In addition to standardized testing and growing class sizes, there are numerous other factors that educators must account for."

He's taken the guesswork out of determining which skills will serve our learners in the best ways possible while they're in our classrooms. These following 10 skills he profiles can also be made a part of every teacher's professional development.

Teamwork and collaboration amongst students with a laughing group of diverse young men and women standing close together forming a stack with their hands

10 Modern Teacher Skills to Learn Now

  1. Online Collaboration: Teachers must have the ability to work collaboratively in online environments with others in their school and in schools all over the globe.
  2. Adaptability: A teacher must be able to educate themselves on changing educational trends and adapt to them accordingly.
  3. Time Management: It can be the enemy of all teachers, but proper effective time management skills are a must-have for the busy teacher.
  4. Tech Fundamentals: Learning about things like word processors, spreadsheets, search engines, social media, and more can help save teachers time and allow easier organization.
  5. Patience: Teachers must learn to have patience because things are more stressful than they've ever been in the world of education, thanks to the rise of technology.
  6. Teamwork: Educators must be able to work together proactively in the wake of increasing class sizes and dwindling resources.
  7. Organization: Organization goes hand-in-hand with time management. Productivity and stress-free time management come from being able to organize efficiently.
  8. Creativity: In as much as our students must practice creativity, so must our teachers. Creativity is at the heart of engaged and productive learning. (It is also a teachable skill when you understand the process of Creativity Fluency.)
  9. Constant Learning: Even after school, learning never stops for us and becomes a life pursuit. Teachers must model the benefits of being a lifelong learner for their kids.
  10. Healthy Parent Communication: Making use of school websites, homework portals, and email, teachers can ensure they keep solid lines of communication open with parents.

You can read Adam's full article right here on Edudemic. In the meantime, what do you feel are the most important modern teaching skills to have?