NOW READING: 10 Ways to Develop Your Future-Focused Teaching Skills

10 Ways to Develop Your Future-Focused Teaching Skills

Future-focused teaching is more than just about knowing technology and following trends. It's about mindfulness, connection, and creating a passion for learning your students find irresistible. You can hone the future-focused teaching skills for bringing this kind of excitement to your classrooms, and we can help.

From November 19–20 this year, we're hosting the 2-day workshop Future-Focused Learning: Ten Essential Shifts of Everyday Practice in Richmond, BC Canada. It's the best time and place to sharpen your future-focused teaching skills and make some new friends in the process.


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This outstanding workshop is presented by Lee Watanabe-Crockett, international keynote speaker and president of the Global Digital Citizen Foundation.

"Lee's in-depth workshops—whether for 90 minutes or two days—have been extremely well received by participants. He always draws a large crowd and the evaluations of his sessions are always top-notch."

Paul M. Poore, AASSA Executive Director 

Workshop Overview

Today’s students will inherit a legacy of global challenges that we see and read about each day, along with new challenges that we cannot yet imagine. But K–12 educators can prepare this generation to overcome these obstacles now, in classrooms. To do this, schools must move beyond literacy and numeracy and into the realms of critical and creative thinking, ethical action, and a deep awareness and understanding of our global culture.

“Excellent pace, breadth, and content. We have been hearing for years about why we need to change what we are doing in our schools, but we have never been presented with such a comprehensive how!”

NZ Workshop Participant

In this workshop, participants will learn how to foster ethical and responsible global digital citizens who take positive action and solve problems that matter. Explore inspiring examples of the solutions-focused ingenuity that students demonstrate in innovative STEM, inquiry-based learning, and project-based learning environments. Explore the ten essential shifts of practice for future-focused learning, and then identify opportunities for applying them to your everyday practice.

  • Learn ten shifts of practice—activities that transform teaching and learning at the classroom level.
  • Explore how these shifts and smaller micro-shifts can provide exciting challenges for your learners and transform your practice.
  • Discover how to implement science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning, inquiry-based learning, and project-based learning.
  • Learn best practices for essential questions, personalized learning, higher-order tasks, making learning intentions clear, and mindful assessment.
  • Discover how these shifts form a self-directed plan for meaningful and consistent professional growth.

This workshop serves as a professional blueprint for taking the great work you are already doing and making it exceptional. Together, we’ll determine the next steps for giving children a solutions-focused edge for creating a bright future.

When: Monday, November 19th—Tuesday, November 20th

Where: Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel—7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC

Find out more at, and get answers to FAQs and registration information.

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